Jake Guttierrez
Jake Guttierrez
Title: Head Coach
Email: wsoccer@christendom.edu
Previous College: St. Thomas Aquinas College
Major: B.A.
High School Athletic Achievements: Ranked #1 Cross Country Runner in CA



Coach Guttierrez is entering his first year as the Head Coach of Women’s Soccer, after a successful six seasons of coaching the Men's team.  With an unyielding passion that has driven him through 25 seasons of coaching, he is constantly attempting to improve himself, so that he can improve his players.


His coaching career began purposefully with the U10’s at the club team of Real Santa Barbara in California.  He has worked with every age group in order, from 8 year olds to college, for at least one season.  “I began with the youth so that I could properly critique a player from the simplest of touches, taught to the youth, to the advanced tactics found in college.  Being able to identify fundamental technical flaws in my players and then helping my players to correct that technique and then build upon those corrections is something that continues to drive our program.”

Over the five years of coaching at Christendom the program has been ranked in the top 8 of the USCAA National Poll twice.  “This program succeeds because of teamwork.  A trust built into each other based upon attacking soccer.”

“There have been many excellent coaches throughout the history of this sport, but Pep Guardiola is the coach I study the most.  I read everything I can about his work at Barcelona B, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and now Manchester City.  I try to catch his game(s) every single week.  His mentality, tactical adaptations, and philosophy have inspired me immensely.”

Being heavily influenced by statistics, Coach Guttierrez plays the Dutch style 4-3-3, with heavy emphasis on attitude, position play, decision making, high percentage attacks, and pressing defensively as a team. 

“Because I intensely watch every second of every game, I am the teams’ biggest fan.  Therefore I demand not to be bored.  As the master Cruyff said, “Playing beautifully without winning is pointless, and winning without playing beautifully is boring.”

Coaching Philosophy

The point is to win, the purpose is to give glory to God.

“My part in the team is to purposely create an environment where players celebrate the achievements of both their teammates, as well as their own, pushing each other to form persevering and determined men.  I want players who are passionate about two things: being Catholic and playing soccer.  I try to show them that by being excellent at soccer, it will (if you let it) help you become excellent in your Faith, both personally and communally.”


Personal Life 


Coach Guttierrez has four children and is a retired 11 year high school and middle school teacher.  He now operates his own business renovating dilapidated houses and turning them into homes for first time home buyers.  “I named my business ‘Guttierrez Homes’ and not ‘Guttierrez Houses’ purposely.  I’m trying to help people with the American Dream.”

His wife and four children (ages 6, 4, 2, and 1) are easily identified at the home games.  When asked to point out his family, he said while laughing, “They’re the ones with the mini soccer balls at their feet, cheering for me more than the players.”