Features 3-on-3 competition as teams play several season games and then finish off with a double-elimination tournament.


Spectators and players alike are a part of this one. Once you step inside the gym you’re a target. Teams of 6 compete against each other for 6 games then finish off with a double elimination tournament.


Players compete in several 1-on-1 matches and then battle it out in a single elimination series for the title.

Soccer (indoor/outdoor)

Indoor: Maybe the most intense intramural at Cdom, In. soccer features teams of 4 (goalie included) on the basketball court. 6 regular season games lead up to a double elimination tournament, finishing with a championship game that usually sees a near-packed house.

Ultimate Frisbee

A newer addition to intramurals here at Christendom but one that took off last semester as it saw a high-level of competition while people enjoyed competing in the beautiful spring weather.


Maybe hosts the most participants. Co-ed teams of 6 face off against each other in a heavy 10 game regular season until they reach the playoffs which challenges teams with a grueling number of games because of the number of teams and its double elimination nature.


Teams of five compete in a 10 game regular season and then tighten up their defense as they head to the playoffs for a single elimination tournament.