The goal of this award is to enable potential student-athletes to attend Christendom who have demonstrated excellence in academics, athletics and leadership while being dedicated to the mission of the College "to restore all things in Christ, by forming men and women to contribute to the Christian renovation of the temporal order." The recipients will be one of high ideals and character who exemplifies the attributes shown by Mr. Thomas Vander Woude, those of integrity, discipline, and self-sacrificing love.


  • Freshmen- Award will be given to two new incoming full-time freshmen
  • Acceptance- Student(s) must have already have been accepted by the college or their acceptance to Christendom must come prior to acceptance of this award.
  • GPA- Students should have a GPA of a 3.0 or higher to qualify.
  • SAT- Students should have scored a combined SAT score of a 1160 (all sections) or an ACT score of a 24 or shown higher excellence on the GED. *
  • Participation- Student(s) must have participated in at least one varsity level high school sport during their time in high school.
  • Leadership- Student(s) must have exhibited outstanding character and leadership both in athletics and other arenas such as church or social groups.

Scholarship Application Process

  • Deadline- Applicant will submit a completed application and a letter of recommendation to the Athletic Department no later than Friday, March 22nd.
  • Review- Applications and the letter of recommendation will be reviewed by the Director of Athletics and the Scholarship advisory committee to determine who the award will be awarded to.
  • Notification of Award- Director of Athletics will notify the recipient of the award by Monday, April 15th.

Loss of Scholarship

The following items in addition to any specific items as decided by the Director of Athletics may result in the lessening or complete loss of the scholarship:

  • Suspension or expulsion from Christendom College for any reason.
  • GPA of lower than a 2.5 in any given semester.
  • Not playing at least 1 varsity intercollegiate sport per academic year.
  • Repeated disciplinary problems and any other reasons deemed serious enough by the Director of Athletics or Dean of Students.

Specifics of the Award

  • Number of Scholarships - Up to two (2) scholarships will be awarded per matriculation year.
  • Length - Scholarship is given for a maximum of 4 years. 
    " If a student leaves the college for any reason, none of which forced the loss of the scholarship; the student may reapply when he or she returns to the college provided the scholarship for that matriculation year is available.
  • Once the student leaves the college, the award is available for application among other student-athletes in that specific class.
  • Financial- The scholarship although being merit based may also take into consideration an individual's financial need as well.
  • Amount- The scholarship award will offer $5,000 per year to the recipient for all four years as long as the criteria are met.